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try gpart (was: Ext3 Partition lost)

Hi Kostas,
* Kostas Sfakiotakis <kostassf cha forthnet gr> [22. Sep. 2002]:
> I am writting this message because i managed to loose an ext3 partition by 
> responding to a Norton Antivirus Alert . 

gpart is a cool tool which *g*esses partition infos.


   Gpart is a small tool which tries to guess what partitions
   are on a PC type harddisk in case the primary partition table
   was damaged.

   Gpart works by scanning through the device (or file) given on
   the command line on a sector basis. Each guessing module is
   asked if it thinks a file system it knows about could start at
   a given sector. Several file system guessing modules are built
   in, others can be added dynamically.


Statically linked Linux binary (265364 Bytes):

Ciao, Gregor
"The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet."
-- William Gibson

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