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Re: htree 2.4.19-dxdir patch

On Monday 23 September 2002 01:33, Theodore Ts'o wrote:

Hi Theodore,

> These times don't look right.  Are you sure you created the filesystem
> was using directorying indexing turned on?  With it turned on,
> creating 100,000 files should take 10-20 seconds depending on the
> speed of your system and hard disks.
hmm, I thought this will also work if I just mount with index option on my 
already working filesystems. But I was wrong, obviously.

Can you tell me why this only works with new created filesystems with index 
and not with already created filesystems just using the index mount option?

> Here's the test script I use for testing directory indexing:
thnx alot.

> On my system, creating the files in the test3 directory takes 11.408
> seconds real time, with 6.221 seconds of system time with the
> directory indexing.  If I comment out the debugfs line which activates
> the "dir_index" filesystem feature flag, then directory indexing is
> turned off, and the script takes 38:07 minutes of real time, with
> 38:05 of it being system time.
jep, exakt. with index, your script took 15 seconds! FAAST :)

Kind regards
        Marc-Christian Petersen


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