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Re: htree 2.4.19-dxdir patch

On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 24, 2002 at 09:07:03PM +0200, Jure Pecar wrote:
>> Can you #define 'quite safe' ? :)
>> Like, is there a possibility of corrupting existing data? Is it
>> production ready?
>> >From all the new filesystems that came out recently i only really
>> >trust ext3
>> ... but i really need some form of indexing (large mail spools,
>> maildir).
> I've done a lot of testing on it, and so I believe it's ready for 2.5,
> and will be running it on my laptop.  (This last says a lot; I didn't
> trust 2.4 for a very long time on my laptop....)
> That being said, I'd probably give it a bit more shakedown testing
> before I could in good conscience recommend it on a production mail
> server.  But that's my natural conservatism; other people are more
> adventurous.

That does say a lot. One question about the testing of it: have you run
it successfully on a 2K block filesystem? I have noted that my use of
them tends to show up a lot more bugs in things than I expected -- they
really went out of fashion, much to my surprise.[1]


> Of course, if you're willing to be that guinea pig, and you do run
> into problems, I'll be happy to provide whatever support I can to fix
> any issues you might have.

Once it gets into 2.5 I will probably test it since I have a nice news
spool that I can happily have die completely on me. :)


[1]  Given it's worth ~25% wasted space for my set of files, overall, I
     can't afford to use 4K blocks on my laptop. :)

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