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->journal_info sharing

Hello, Stephen,

It seem that in the presence of several jornalling file systems in the
kernel some mechanism is needed for proper sharing of the ->journal_info
pointer in the task_struct.

One journalled file system can indirectly call another during page fault
in copy_from_user, quota file modification, or


sequence. (Actually, I don't understand when prevents ext3 from
re-entering itself in such a case.)

Can we replace 

struct task_struct {
  void *journal_info;


struct fs_activation;

struct fs_activation {
  struct super_block   *super;
  struct fs_activation *parent;

struct task_struct {
  struct fs_activation *journal_info;

Such that each file system can store original ->journal_info in the
->parent field and restore it on exit.

All fs_activation for nested file system calls are then chained through
->parent's and file system can easily check whether it is already in the
call chain, etc.

Of course, fs_activation will be actually embedded into file system
specific data structure (handle_t for ext3, reiser4_context for reiser4).

Does this make sense?


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