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Re: [PATCH] fix htree dir corrupt after fsck -fD

Hi Ryan,

>> This is a completely fresh loopback EXT3 filesystem, untouched by fsck -D,
>> and normally unmounted.

> Oh, and I've attached the current version of my test program if anyone is 
> interested.
> ...
> It can corrupt my loopback test filesystems in under 5 minutes. Note that it
> will completely destroy any data in its working directory, however.
I am running your program now over an hour without any corruption on the 
loopback mounted ext3 filesystem.

This is with the latest patch (1) from Theodore + latest small fix from 
Christoper for the kernel and for latest e2fsprogs.

I made some debian packages available which includes the latest fixes, can be 
found here (2).

Anyway, works great for me! :)

1) http://thunk.org/tytso/linux/ext3-dxdir/
2) http://wolk.sf.net/e2fsprogs/

Kind regards
        Marc-Christian Petersen


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