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Ext3 strangeness data loss

Hi folks,

I'm in really big trouble with ext3.
At about every second reboot I have files changed on my ext3 filesystem!
In most cases I realize that sshd didn't start, and after examination
I found that /usr/sbin/sshd or /lib/libutil-x.y.so changed.
But when I reboot, everything seems OK.
I looked once into the binary, and find parts of syslog in it!!!
And this is a ususal symptom.
Other times I found lost files and directories.
And what with losses I don't find immediatly?
I have daily backups, so I could restore, but...
It's not what I except from a filesystem these days...
I had using reiserfs since more than a year without problem.
But I need extended attributes, and anyway didn't plan to switch my root
in middle of project. But cannot put the server into production until 
this is fixed.
It seems this happens during reboot only, and a second reboot mostly fixes
it, at least with /usr/sbin/sshd, but not always. But even without sshd it's
too bad to have a remote server!

Had anyone of you this happening?

About my config:

Kernel: 2.4.19 with minimal patches (evms and vserver).
Using EVMS.
Glibc 2.3.1.
Gentoo 1.4-rc2 distribution.

Every help and experience would help!

Thanks in advance,
viktor at neotek dot hu

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