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RE: Why does old kernel boot when new kernel installed?


Yes - verified with uname -a

Our tech support are Linux/UNIX professionals & are baffled - I am hoping
for some help here, I am emailing as they don't have the time, look after
over 100 servers, we only run 12 so I try to dig ....

Apologies if trivial & timewasting but important for us - surely someone can
tell me why GRUB only shows the single kernel when 3 are there?

Last night I did kernel upgrades of 3 other machines & all went through just
fine ..... only this 1 machine has this problem?

In answer - only 1 grub.conf

[root ns5 nico]# whereis grub.conf
grub: /sbin/grub /etc/grub.conf /usr/share/grub
[root ns5 nico]#

Any help would still be very much appreciated.

Nico Morrison
nico morrison micronicos com
Micronicos Limited  -  London, UK.
Tel: +44 20 8870 8849 Fax: +44 20 8870 5290

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Subject: Re: Why does old kernel boot when new kernel installed?

Nico Morrison wrote:
> I thought I'd summarise this with a proper subject line:
> 1. We used up2date to upgrade the kernel of a 7.2 machine that is doing
> too much journalling (kjournald at 50% CPU+ often).
> 2. It installed fine, but when we reboot - GRUB only shows the old
> although there are 3 kernels listed in grub.conf
> My Question is "How can we select booting to 2.4.18-24.7 when GRUB lonly
> lists the oldest kernel?"

> Can anyone suggest why GRUB is not showing all 3 kernels & why we are not
> booting into the leatest?

Possibly because grub uses a different grub.conf than you think?

At this stage I'd recommend to get a Linux/Unix professional as this
seems to be standard stuff that you should know how to do and if you
don't, then leave it alone and let it do someone, who knows what he does.
Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but it looks like you are wasting the
valuable time of the developers with trivias.

Have you actually verified with 'uname -a' that this old kernel is running?


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