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Data loss

Hello everybody,

it happened with my RH73 that the same partition (ext3 fs, of course) was mounted
two different mount points ( "/" and "/mnt/removable" respectively) and a copy of
from one path to another (e.g. "cp /opt/myfile /mnt/removable/opt) reveiled to be
an overwriting procedure. Now I have 0 byte size files on /mnt/removable (aka "/")
partition and I wonder whether is possible to retrieve - at least - parts of the
data blocks.

No one had access to the partition after (or during) the overwriting and the level
fragmentation is very low.

I used lde tool to navigate through the flesystem looking for inodes (no way!) or
block clues
(jpeg tags, text strings, etc.) but I'm not very expert in this task...

I have two questions for you:
1. do you think the data are still present somewhere in the disk?
2. Is in the world any procedure to allow to put all the pieces of the puzzle (I
mean the data
blocks) together again?

I am available to give you further details to make it as much clear as possible.
Thank you.

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