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Re: Data loss

Theodore Ts'o wrote:

> Was the filesystem mounted as ext2 or ext3 when you truncated all of
> the files to zero?  If it was ext2, something that you might be able

Unfortunately, it wasn't...

> If the filesystem was mounted as ext3, then unfortunately the indirect
> blocks will have been zero'ed out as part of the truncation process.
> But you can still search for the blocks which are all zero's, since
> they have a possibility of being a zero'ed out indirect block.  So if
> the files were mostly unfragmented, you can try looking 12k before the
> indirect block, and see if you're at the beginning of a file.
> The limitation of this technique is that it won't help you recover
> smaller files.  But it might help you recover something that's
> useful.
>                                                         - Ted

Thank you very much for your help.

> P.S.  I should close with an obligatory plug for regular backups...

Touched... But, anyway, now I know about filesystems much more than

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