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Partition Check.......

Hi All,
I am having 6 GB HD.
I had an old linux version installed and i tried to update with a new kernel
to have 2 available versions of linux OS. Before all i had only 1 partition
and after the new kernel installation too
I used Lilo configuration to switch between the 2 boot possibility.
But after i installed the 2.4.19 kernel i had the problem in boot:
when the boot sequence arrived to "partition check.... hda    " the system

Then i decided to erase all and install the RedHat 8.0.
But trying to install RH 8.0, booting from the RH8.0 cd1 for installation,
when the system tries to check partition, it is not proceeding further
......it gives.....

Checking Partitions:
(And it stops here ...)     The same problem!!!

This problem is also observed with RH 7.3 installation.
But for RH 7.2 installation ...at the same point (partition check) it waits
for some time around 4-5 Seconds and gives some timeout error and proceeds
further. so I could install 7.2 , but couldn't 8.0 or 7.3

What is the reason and how can I solve this?
Please help me!!

Thanks in advance for your kind answer

Roberto Albanese

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