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Re: XFS vs. ext3

>> The application reported errors like so:
>> info: rendering frame 5
>> info: frame 5 rendered in 30.485s
>> info: rendering frame 6
>> error: //N/N/fred1/stress/out.0005.cin: Invalid argument

Andrew> Note: At this point, there'd be a partially-written frame on the
Andrew> server.

Well, the obvious questions are:

1. How big is the file, and how is it corrupted?  Does Shake keep the
   file around, or does it delete it when done?

2. Have you talked with the Shake developers to get them to tell you
   what the errors are or could be?   To me it looks to be an
   application error of some sort, but obviously it could be anything. 

3. Are there any messages on the Samba server side logs?  

4. How big are the files on average, and how are they stored in terms
   of directory structure?  Are they all in one directory, or does each
   client get it's own directory?

5. Can you repeat the error by just having some program on the NT box
   (such a windows explorer) copy an equivilent number of same sized
   files to the Sambad server and see what happens?   Let's try to get
   Shake out of the equation here if we can.

6. What version of Samba are you running on the server?

Basically, I think we need a bunch more info before we can figure out
anything.  I personally lean towards an application/samba interaction,
but I could be completely wrong.


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