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Re: XFS vs. ext3

"John Stoffel" <stoffel lucent com> wrote:
> Andreas> John, you are coming into the discussion late, and most of
> Andreas> these things have already been covered.  The application
> Andreas> works fine when the Linux server is running XFS under Samba,
> Andreas> and not when it's running ext3.  So clearly the error is on
> Andreas> the Linux side somewhere.
> I'm not really sure about this, and what I was trying to get across
> that having a better grasp of all the details would be a big help.
> Sure, it looks like it might be an ext3/samba interaction, or even
> just a pure ext3 problem, but having a client write as many 45mb files
> via samba shouldn't be a problem at all.  And I really wonder what
> error(s) the application is glossing over, since I suspect that's not
> helping the search for a solution.

ext3 does not just forget to write stuff to disk.

I'd be suspecting raid5 personally.  Ext3 seems to like breaking raid.

And raid has been known to break ext3 too, but ext3 is ahead ;)

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