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Re: XFS vs. ext3

Andrew Klaassen schrieb:
On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 12:08:49PM -0700,
Andreas Dilger wrote:

Silly me... I didn't look in the server logs for any errors
before I blew everything away (I'm interested in testing RAID4
vs. RAID5 for performance, too). But hopefully I'll get around
to testing everything again, and I'll look at the server logs. I'm compiling a stock 2.4.20 kernel as I type; I've been asked
to test JFS and reiserfs as well.

Don´t forget the patches:

under 2.4.20.

I am using my Athlon 900 server with 1,25 GB RAM and 4 80 GB software Raid 5 hds (only for data) with external journal on software raid 1 (two more 15 GB hds), never had any problems (at least noot file-system or software-raid concerned), but I do not create the kind of load your application does.


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