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Re: ext3 corruption with vanilla kernel 2.4.19?

Per Andreas Buer schrieb:
Nicola Ragozzino <nicola ragozzino hp com> writes:

Question two: It was just an unluckly coincidence or there is some know
incompatibility between RH 8.0 and vanilla kernels on ext3?

I've been having file system corruption on a system with two Maxtor
120GB drives (Maxtor 4G120J6). Alan Cox suggested errors in the PDC20262
(Promise ATA66 controller) - but your posting here suggests that there
is something fishy with the Maxtor drives and kernels > 2.4.18 (on my
system, 2.4.18 runs fine - everything else eats my data).

When your neverending fsck ends, try 2.4.18. You might want to report
this on lkml.

The ext3 developper strongly suggests three ext3-patches for 2.4.20 kernels: http://www.zip.com.au/~akpm/linux/ext3/index.html

I have a server with a 160 GB partition on software RAID 5 over 4 80GB Maxtor drives on 2 Promise Ultra133 TX2 controllers. Filesystem is ext3 with an external journal (on RAID1 over part of 2 20 GB drives (IBM and Maxtor) on the mainboard controller). I use a non-modular 2.4.20 kernel with only the aforementioned patches applied.

Intensive testing with bonnie and tiobench for 24h showed no errors, although the server doesn´t have a very high load (used mainly as samba-mounted partition for a W2k computer as digital videorecorder) during normal operation.

Try the patches!

Bye, Norman.

Norman Schmidt          Institut für Physikal. u. Theoret. Chemie
cand. chem.             Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet
schmidt naa net         Erlangen-Nuernberg

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