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Re: ext3 and highpoint RAID.


On Sat, 2003-01-04 at 02:51, Shaun wrote:

> I successfully installed RedHat 8.0 onto two ATA133 80gig drives running a mirrored RAID with the hpt37x (highpoint 372 onboard RaidController on the SOYO DRAGON motherboard.)
> I used ext3 as my filesystem type of choice but unfortunately the system shut down uncleanly and it now is coming up with the "press Y to force file system integrity check" at boot.... which it runs by itself anyways.

If it runs anyway, that means that ext3 found disk corruption
previously, and recorded the error on the filesystem superblock, so that
on reboot, fsck can see that a full fsck is needed.

> As I'm sure you can imagine, fsck comes up with errors and asks for me to run it without the -a or -p option.
> The actual error that comes up is :
>   ENTRY 'kernel.h' in /boot (32705) has an incorrect filetype (was 1, should be 2)

Looks like an inode table has been written to the wrong location on
disk: dtype 2 is a directory, but kernel.h should most definitely be a
regular file (dtype 1).

There could be any number of reasons for getting such disk corruption
--- driver faults, hardware faults, disk controller faults etc.


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