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Re: acessing hard drive continuously

On Sat January 11 2003 01:02, David I. Sommers, Ph.D. wrote:
> My hard drive on a Dell Latitude keeps being accessed every 5 seconds for a
> couple tenths of a second. Is there a way yo shut this off. I suspect it
> might be related to journaling? Thanks in advance.

If you have a very recent kernel (ie: 2.4.20, although redhat may have
backported the change) you can add the mount option:


to every filesystem in /etc/fstab.  This will tell the fs to run a commit
every sixty seconds, rather than every five.

And you also need to tell the kernel's kupdate process to not run every five
seconds.  So do:

	echo "30 500 0 0 6000 6000 60 20 0" > /proc/sys/vm/bdflush

to set the kupdate intervals to 60 seconds (that's the 6000).

With these changes, the disk will only light up once per minute.

But the real problem is that some program is causing disk writes.  Make sure
that all your filesystems are mounted with the `noatime' mount option.

If writes are _still_ happening then you'll need to find out who is doing it
- just keep shutting things down until it stops.  If you do find the source,
please report it here - it's a common complaint.  Thanks.

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