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Re: File System corruption


On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 15:09, Mark Phalan wrote:

> Yesterday I nuked an old fat32 partition on my hard drive using fdisk. I
> just destroyed the partition and then created a new linux partition. Then I
> created an ext3 filesystem with the following command
> mkfs.ext3 -j /dev/hdc1

Ouch.  I'd guess that you had other partitions on this disk in use at
the time, so the kernel was unable to reread the partition table when
you created the new partition.  You'd get a big warning from the kernel
if that happened, and from that point on, the kernel's idea of the
partition table and the version on disk could have been out of sync. 
That would leave the new partition unreadable after the reboot.

> Everything seemed fine so I went ahead and moved all my music (MP3s and
> FLACS) onto that partition.
> This morning when I turn on my computer I can't mount that partition! It
> just says it can't read the superblock. Nor can fsck read the superblock.
> Just to make sure that I had the correct device etc. I tried
> dd if=/dev/hdc1 of=tmp.file
> and killed it when the file got to about 200MB. I quickly loaded the file
> into vim and had a glance through it and sure enough I could see some of
> the names the songs and artists - they were probably the playlist files.
> Is there anyway I can recover this filesystem? 

There's a tool called "gpart" which can guess partition locations and
which may be able to find the right start of the filesystem for you.


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