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Re: e2fsck too old / ext3 HTREE errors

On Jan 24, 2003  00:31 +0100, Christian wrote:
> Andreas Dilger schrieb:
> > Get a newer version of e2fsck (I think 1.32 is available).  The 1.30-WIP
> > version had a bug in it when regenerating htree indexes.  Also, I'd suggest
> > disabling htree entirely for now, since (a) your kernel doesn't support it
> > yet, and (b) there are still some bugs in kernels that _do_ support it.
> ok, since i'll stick to 2.4.18 i want to disable HTREE indexes. but 
> please, can you/sb. enlighten me and tell me how to do this. the 
> manpages for mkfs.ext3 says nothin about htree :-(

Use "tune2fs -O ^dir_index <dev>" to disable it.

> and then, after clicking around on e2fsprogs.sourceforge.net, i saw this 
> in the release notes for 1.30:
> [...]
> Fixed endian problems in the htree code for e2fsck and debugfs.
> When byte-swapping a filesystem on a PPC architecture, byte-swap the 
> bitmaps since the historical big-endian ext2 variant had byte-swapped 
> bitmaps, and the ext2fs library assumes this. This fixes the regression 
> test suite on PPC machines.
> [...]
> holy crap! i have created my fs with 1.30-WIP on a i386, now this fs is 
> used under ppc, with the said 1.27/1.30-WIP available. are these bad 
> news for me?

Probably not, since your kernel doesn't use htree at all currently.

> > Sadly, htree is enabled by default with newer e2fsprogs (even 1.32 I think)
> > so it is kind of a pain.
> oh, but why...i mean: some people are really using this wonderful fs, 
> but i guess not every sysadmin is aware of tricky features of all tools.
> hm, can't you just make something like --with-htree?

Yes, that is the plan (just use "tune2fs -O dir_index <dev>" to turn it on).
I guess Ted jumped the gun a bit by having a release of e2fsprogs where
mke2fs enabled htree directories by default, but earlier testing had revealed
no bugs...

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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