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Re: Nasty ext3 errors 2.4.18


I posted about this before Christmas when I was having all sorts of horrible
problems with ext3/disks etc etc and
now that I've had the system back I can post a follow up for those that are
interested or have similar problems.

Basically we suspected bad ram and the replies I got from this newsgroup also
indicated this, however we ran
the box on memtest86 for days without a problem - although our software would
barf after about a day (with nasty ext3 messages + kernel panics etc). So
knowing that we could actually reproduce the problem in the office ( a first!
) the plan was to replace components and re-test until we found the problem.

The first thing we did was replace the ram - and lo and behold the system has
not failed since.

I really wanted to prove that the ram was at fault so I put it in a system
that was not being used (totally different motherboard architecture) with the
intention of leaving it to run for weeks - however memtest86 this time showed
a problem within 5 seconds - this was consistant each time we ran it (other
dimms of the same size that we knew were good did not show any problems - so
not a duff motherboard). We tried running memtest86 with the dimm in other
motherboards but none showed a problem - weird - but at least it confirmed
that there must be something odd about the dimm in question.

So just goes to show how difficult it can be to prove that ram is at fault.

Thanks for all the helpful replies I received.


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