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X-Post from Linux-RAID [Re: I just trashed my RAID5 array - recovery possible?]


originally I posted this to linux-raid vger kernel org, but I guess
there are chances that someone in here might comment on it as well.

* Neil Brown <neilb cse unsw edu au> [2003-03-20 10:58]:
> On Thursday March 20, lists schlich org wrote:
> > 
> > And when I try to mount the array:
> > --8<--
> > EXT3-fs error (device md(9,1)): ext3_check_descriptors: Block bitmap for group 509 not in group (block 4294967295)!
> > EXT3-fs: group descriptors corrupted !
> > --8<--
> > 
> > What should I do now? Raidhotadd the 4th device? Run e2fsck prior to
> > that or afterwards?
> I would 
>    fsck -n /dev/md1
> to non-distructively see how much damage there is.
> If that shows an uncomfortable large amount of damage, you could
> assembling the array from a different triple of devices.
> It is currently assemble from
>    /dev/hd[gki]1

I've put up the logfile of fsck at
I have no idea whether this is an "uncomfortable large amount of
damage", so would you mind having a look at it? :-) TIA!

> If you want to try g, k and e for example, use
>   mdadm -Af /dev/md1 /dev/hd[gke]1
> and then try "fsck -n" on that.
> I wouldn't hot-add the fourth drive until you have decided you will
> live with whatever you have.

Ok. Well, hde was the first drive that was kicked out, hdg came
afterwards, so hd[gik] should probably be the best combination?!
Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Yours sincerely
Wolfram Schlich; Friedhofstr. 8, D-88069 Tettnang; +49-(0)178-SCHLICH

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