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RE: mount: error 22 mounting ext3

I changed grub.conf to use device names instead of labels according to Nigel
suggestion and that did the trick. Thanks goes to Nigel and others for your
help and tips.

Andrew Chen

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From: Theodore Ts'o [mailto:tytso mit edu]
Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 8:09 AM
To: Nigel Metheringham
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Subject: Re: mount: error 22 mounting ext3

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 09:28:17AM +0100, Nigel Metheringham wrote:
> > The RH 7.2 drive used to be the boot drive for another system. Now I
> > want to use it as additional storage in my RH 9 system. Hope this
> > my system problems.
> RH uses labels to identify partitions to mount (rather than using device
> names), so you will tend to have something like:-
>   LABEL=/usr   /usr  ...
> instead of
>   /dev/hda6	/usr ...
> in your fstab (NB I might have got the syntax a little wrong in the
> first one - I don't use labels myself).
> The labels applied to the partitions by the installer are directly
> related to the mount point the filesystem would use.   So if you are
> reusing a drive from another installation you may well have the same
> label on 2 partitions on different drives, with "interesting" results.
> Easiest fix is probably to replace the labels in fstab with hardwired
> device names.  Alternative is to use e2label to modify the labels used -
> or just repartition the drive you have imported.

Or use UUID's in /etc/fstab instead of Labels.  UUID's look uglier in
/etc/fstab, but they have the advantage of being unique, so long as
you don't use dd to copy filesystems around.  (And if you do use dd to
clone a filesystem, you should use the command "tune2fs -U random
/dev/hdXXX" to set a new random UUID for the copy of the filesystem.)

The advantage of useing LABEL or UUID in /etc/fstab is that his way,
you don't get screwed when a scsi or ide controller is removed, and
the device names get renumbered.

					- Ted

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