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Re: [Q] Where and what is t-cs.gmo?

configure checks for xgettext in each of the directories in your PATH.
Apparently you don't have /usr/local/bin in your PATH.

Of course I do, so something is else is going on.

No, it's not hard-coded.  compile_et is created from compile_et_sh.in,
which uses awk from the location determined by configure:


So if it was /usr/bin/awk, it was because the configure script thought
it was there.  I'm not sure why that would have been the case, unless
you had a config.cache file generated from another system.

OK, make clean apparently leaves config.cache alone, so it had to have been inserted there when I initially ran it before I had upgraded awk, which got placed in /usr/local/bin/awk.

Yeah, welcome to more gettext fragileness.  You probably have some
older version of gettext in /usr/include that is still being used
during the compile, and the header files are conflicting.

I can find it only in /usr/local/include.

> >build process, and everything else important has been built. So if
 >you don't care about seeing e2fsck messages being output in Polish or
 >Turkish, you can just ignore the errors.  :-)

I just ended up compiling with ./configure --disable-nls

That's probably the best course.

Perhaps the INSTALL doc itself should mention about potential compiling problems with NLS and even consider having it disabled by default.

Which distribution were you using?  E2fsprogs compiles just fine on
Red Hat and Debian....

It is RedHat 7.1, but modified much over the years. --

Maurice Volaski, mvolaski aecom yu edu
Computing Support, Rose F. Kennedy Center
Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

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