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Re: ext3 Overhead

Andreas Dilger <adilger clusterfs com> wrote 11.02.2004 18:23

>On Feb 11, 2004  15:55 +0100, christian braun ch abb com wrote:
>> I'm using a CompactFlash as storage device. Since those CF cards only have
>> limited write cycles (CF does wear-levelling by itself, but you don't want
>> to write too many timet so the card) i was wondering by what a factor the
>> journaling of ext3 increases the write accesses to the CompactFlash
>> compared to ext2. Thanks a lot already for your help!
>You will probably wear out the journal area quickly, unless your device
>has internal wear leveling (it might).  Instead of ext3 you should use
>a filesystem designed for such devices - JFFS2 or similar.

Well, the CompactFlash card I use does internal wear-leveling, so all that should count I think are the write cycles. So in that case ext2/3 would not be to big of a disadvantage, would it? But the 2-or-3 question arises since I like the stability of ext3, but don't really know the cost in respect to wearing out the card because of additional write cycles.

Thanks a lot!
Chris Braun

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