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Re: fs block level syncing

Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
>> If I have two equal partitions and I make my initial
>> image doing a dump on the first and piping it into a restore one the
>> second. Then at later intervals do an incremental dump on the first
>> piping it again into a restore on the second, will it just do the
>> most
>> efficient thing (i.e. handle renames as only a change to the
>> directories involved)?
> Yes, it will deal with renames without copying over the new file
> contents.  But if any of the file has changed, it will copy the whole
> new file, not just the modified blocks.
> --Stephen

I've never used dump/restore.
After the initial dump|restore from one partition to the next, would a
subsequent local rsync be slower than a subsequent dump|restore action?

I don't understand how dump "looks" at the destination partition (like rsync
would do for a target) and decides not to bother "dumping" that particular

-Eric Wood

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