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Re: fs block level syncing


On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 16:21, Eric Wood wrote:

> I've never used dump/restore.
> After the initial dump|restore from one partition to the next, would a
> subsequent local rsync be slower than a subsequent dump|restore action?

> I don't understand how dump "looks" at the destination partition (like rsync
> would do for a target) and decides not to bother "dumping" that particular
> inode.

They are doing two totally different jobs.

Dump's incremental backup works on a single node only.  It says "all
inodes and directories modified since $DATE should be backed up."  You
can then do full and incremental restores on another node, and they will
be consistent there.  But dump isn't looking at the destination
partition at all, it's relying on the knowledge of when the last full
(or level $N) backup was made locally.

rsync, on the other hand, remembers no local history at all, and always
looks at the full filesystem trees on both nodes to work out what needs
to be transferred.


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