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Re: Getting ext3 up and running

On Tuesday 06 January 2004 18:48, Adam Williams wrote

This was, of course done. There is only one partition involved and since this 
was the root partition, this was set to "auto". It was tried before as ext3 
and ext3,ext2, but the reference said make it auto.

The problem is that ext3 is NOT in the kernel but is a module. This is why an 
initrd is needed.

> edit /etc/fstab and change all occurences of ext2 to ext3 and then reboot
> David Baron wrote:
> >I have a Debian system from a Knoppix distribution. I started out with
> > ext2 but decided to change to ext3.
> >
> >tune2fs -j OK.
> >
> >However the system boots with a warning ....ext3 mounted as ext2.
> >proc/mounts confirms this and no journal is running.
> >
> >So I have to make an initrd. Did so using instructions in the Debian
> > Reference and this did not change anything. Any attempt to use the img
> > produced was a kernel boot panic. Also, this intrd image is very large
> > and cannot be used as an image on the boot menu.
> >
> >What must I do?
> >
> >
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