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RE: Getting ext3 up and running

cp /boot/initrd.xxx /boot/initrd.xxx.bck
cp /boot/initrd.xxx /tmp
mkdir /tmp/initrd_loop
mount -o loop /tmp/initrd.xxx /tmp/initrd_loop
cd /tmp/initrd_loop 

see the modules loaded by linuxrc script and corresponding .o files in lib directory

remove the modules unneeded and corresponding insmod command in linuxrc

umount /tmp/initrd_loop

verify if size is affordable

cp /tmp/initrd.xxx /boot

if you have grub you are done, else run lilo



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On Thursday 08 January 2004 20:44, Matt Bernstein wrote:
> On Jan 7 David Baron wrote:
> >On Wednesday 07 January 2004 15:20, Matt Bernstein wrote:
> >> Why not take the large initrd image and just "remove stuff"(tm) till
> >> lilo will take it? Or just try grub..
> >
> >By setting moduls=non and specifying jbd and ext3 in the root parameter of
> > the mkinitrd.conf, I got the size down to 972k. I think it should be 1/3
> > of that. This is still too big to be on the image menu and using it as a
> > lilo initrd still panics!
> I meant be dirtier than that.. take your initrd image and mount it
> loopback, see what's in it that you don't need.. ;)]

How do I do this?

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