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Re: ext3 bug?

On Sat, Jan 17, 2004 at 07:59:44PM +0100, Simon Vogl wrote:
> Right, I thought so, too. On the other side, the partition is mounted 
> with the 'on error remount readonly'
> option, which could be why I did not find anything... Nevertheless, I 
> have the disk image that I will look
> at as soon as I got the machine restored (and I have another one that I 
> can try to kill, maybe I can
> reproduce it >:)

At the very least the kernel would have logged a warning message when
it remounted the filesystem readonly, and after that, each filesystem
inconsistency noticed by the kernel would still result in lots of
complaints logged by the kernel.

So there is something extremely fishy going on here.

> btw, anyone know how I get rid of those pesky files that stay around 
> with broken bits in them? I cant
> even remove those inodes as root - I moved the directories containing 
> them to isolation...

You need to use the "chattr -i" command to remove the immutable flag
from those files.  See chattr man page for description of the
immutable and append-only flags.

						- Ted

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