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Re: PROBLEM: Filesystem became readonly, then kernel crashes on shutdown

Hi Stephen,

The machine has been running for quite some time. It's possible it's a hardware problem, however since I'm attending wineconf it's in another country far away from me so I can't boot a new CD to check the memory.

I'll try running memtest86 for a while when I get home.


Stephen Tweedie wrote:

which on first glance looks like memory corruption: there's a single
bit-flip in %eax and we oops trying to dereference that.

Then on reboot we detect an inconsistency on disk, and ext3 behaves as
expected: it aborts the journal, remounts readonly, and you see the
filesystem marked for fsck on the next reboot.

Have you seen this more than once? This footprint usually indicates a
hardware problem, and memtest86 is a useful tool to diagnose that.


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