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unplausible "no space left on deivce"

Hello all,
I recently ran over following issue ( the description is out of necessity
bit lengthy):
I have corrupted partition with ext3 filesystem oni t, fortunately enough
partition was mirrored, so that I was able to dd the the mirroed partiton
to the file like this:

dd bs=512 if=/dev/<where_the_mirrored_partition_is> of=some_file

and write the content to the primary partition like this:

dd bs=512 if=some_file of=/dev/<where_the_primary_is>.

The most crucial thing is block size choosen -- 512 bytes.

Both operations went fine.

Now to the trouble: I was able to create normal files of whatever size
on the recreated
primary partition but I was not able to create any directories I got
"no space left
on device" with disk/inode usage around 1%. Both primary and mirrored
were formated
with block size 4096 and, indeed, when I rexecuted dd command everything worked
fine. I would consider this as a bug and would be glad to hear about
your opinions.

With Best Regards
Ariel Burbaickij

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