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Re: recover data from linear raid

On Saturday June 24, dzila tassadar physics auth gr wrote:
>  	Hello,
>  	I had a scientific linux 3.0.4 system (rhel compatible), with 3 
> ide disks, one for / and two others in linear raid (250 gb and 300 gb 
> each).
>  	This system was obsoleted so i move the raid disks to a new 
> scientific linux 3.0.7 installation. However, the raid array was not 
> detected ( I put the disks on the same channels and same master/lsave 
> setup as in the previous setup). In fact fdisk reports that the disks are 
> not partitioned.
>  	I had around 70 gb data on that array I would like to recover. I 
> used dd on the disks  and strings on the resulting file. The data is there 
> but fsck complains about superblocks and fails.
>  	Recommentations on how to proceed are greatly appreciated.

As Christian said, specific error message help a lot.
Assume the two devices are hdc and hde,

  fdisk -l /dev/hdc
  fdisk -l /dev/hde
  mdadm -E /dev/hdc
  mdadm -E /dev/hde

 and my best guess

   mdadm --build /dev/md0 --level linear --raid-disks 2 /dev/hdc /dev/hde
   fsck -n /dev/md0

(and linux-raid vger kernel org might be a better mailing list for
this particular sort of problem).


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