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Re: forced fsck (again?)

On Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 08:50:33PM -0500, Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> See the attached script (e2check) and sample config file (e2check.conf).
> :-)

Just a few requests.

First of all, can you send me a Signed-Off-By, so I can include it in
future versions of e2fsprogs.  See the SUBMITTING-PATCHES in the
top-level of the e2fsprogs source tree.  (It means the same thing as
the Linux Kernel).

> > 	* Have the script abort the check if the system appears to be
> >           running off of a battery.
> Sort of.  Much of this on_ac_power function was stolen from Debian's
> powermgmt_base package's on_ac_power script, but it doesn't support
> anything other than ACPI.  (It checks the new sysfs power_supply class
> first, and the /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/ directory second.)
> If the function can't determine if AC power is available, the script
> assumes it's on battery, and exits; this is suboptimal for desktops, but
> good for laptops that don't have ACPI turned on for whatever reason.

Yeah, the default needs to be the other way around for servers, which
may not have the ac_adapter interface at all.

> > 	* Have the config file define a time period (say, 30 days),
> >           and have the script test to see if the last_mount time is
> >           greater than the time interval.  If it is, then it does the
> >           check, otherwise it skips it.
> Well, this script looks at the last-check time, not the last-mount time.
> But close enough.

Yeah, that's what I wanted.

> See the attached script (e2check) and sample config file (e2check.conf).
> :-)

Hmm, if you're going to source the config file directly, why not do
this instead:

check_lvm_fs closure root 100m 30
check_lvm_fs closure home 100m 30

instead of this:

> VGS=(closure closure)
> VOLUMES=(root home)
> SNAPSIZES=(100m 100m)
> INTERVALS=(30 30)

If you have six or eight volumes to check, keeping them lined up could
be error-prone.

Thanks for stepping up!

						- Ted

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