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Re: forced fsck (again?)

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Theodore Tso wrote:
> First of all, can you send me a Signed-Off-By,

Sure, I'll do that on the version that has other changes below.

I realized after sending the first version that it probably also needed
to be GPLed, as technically, the attachment before wasn't distributable
at all.  I meant it to be GPL, since it used bits of the powermgmt-base
package from Debian.  I assume that's the license implied, since I'm
submitting it to be included in e2fsprogs?  Or does GPLv2 need to be
mentioned in the files as well?

(Actually, what about GPL versions?  It looks like e2fsprogs is still at
GPL version 2 -- that's OK with me, but do I need to say "v2 only", "v2
or later", or nothing specific?)

> Yeah, the default needs to be the other way around for servers, which
> may not have the ac_adapter interface at all.

Sounds like another config file setting, then.  I can probably simplify
the interface a bit if the decision is made by a config file setting,
too.  (I can make the function return 0 or 1 based on the config file if
it falls through all the checks that are there, instead of returning 255
and making the caller handle it differently.)

> Hmm, if you're going to source the config file directly, why not do 
> this instead:
> check_lvm_fs closure root 100m 30
> check_lvm_fs closure home 100m 30

Are you thinking that the check_lvm_fs calls would be in the config file
(after setting global options), and the check_lvm_fs function would be
defined in the main script?  That's my guess here, and it'd probably
work OK, but it'd take a bit of work.  And it's getting late here, so I
probably won't get it changed until at least tomorrow night.

> If you have six or eight volumes to check, keeping them lined up
> could be error-prone.

That's true.  I was looking for a way to do named array indices, like a
hashtable in most other languages, but it doesn't look like bash has
that ability.  Plain old Bourne sh almost certainly doesn't.  Anyway,
calling the check_lvm_fs function from the config file is a little bit
backwards, but would certainly work better than a bunch of arrays that
all have to be in sync.
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