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Re: forced fsck (again?)

2008/1/23 Bryan Kadzban <bryan kadzban is-a-geek net>:
> But it's not too difficult to parse out a custom SNAPSIZE option, and
> even have a DEFAULT_SNAPSIZE in the config file if no SNAPSIZE option is
> present on any LV, if the script is going to parse fstab anyway.  (Or
> should the option's name be lowercase?  Either will work.)

At the risk of adding complexity, what about having the SNAPSIZE be
automatically determined?  Most users would have no idea what to set
it to, and we should be able to guess some reasonable values.  For
example, the fsck time can probably be estimated by looking at the
number of inodes, how full the filesystem is, etc.  Alternatively, we
could just allocate all available space in the LVM.

I also have a newbie question: does the fsck of a snapshot really
catch everything that might be wrong with the drive, or are there
other failure modes that only a real fsck would catch?  I'm wondering
if it's still a good idea to do an occasional full fsck.


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