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Re: Fwd: md_thread and kjournald race w/ raid1 on 2-way x86

Srinivas Murthy wrote:
> Eric,
>  I got the output you asked for.
> <3>journal_commit_transaction 694 c60b54d0
> <4>WARNING: at fs/jbd/commit.c:695 journal_commit_transaction()
> <4> [<c0203a1a>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x1a/0x30
> <4> [<c0203a42>] show_trace+0x12/0x20
> <4> [<c0203b66>] dump_stack+0x16/0x20
> <4> [<c02c0e9d>] journal_commit_transaction+0x5cd/0xe60
> <4> [<c02c38a5>] kjournald+0xb5/0x1f0
> <4> [<c0232a5c>] kthread+0x5c/0xa0
> [1]more> q
> [1]kdb> bh 0xc60b54d0
> buffer_head at 0xc60b54d0
>   bno 3297 size 4096 dev 0x900005
>   count 1 state 0x8029 [Uptodate Req Mapped Private]
>   b_data 0xf5c80000
>   b_page 0xc16b9000 b_this_page 0x00000000 b_private 0xf7fb05b0
>   b_end_io 0xc02c03a0 journal_end_buffer_io_sync
> [1]kdb>
> What do you think?

I think that it looks  more like a buffer head accounting problem than a
corruption problem; the rest of the buffer head looks sane...

Think you could narrow down a test case for this problem?


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