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Re: needs help, root inode gone after usb bus reset on sata disks

Christian Kujau wrote:
On Tue, May 27, 2008 10:56, Jelle de Jong wrote:
image. I mounted the dvd image in the same directory and started watching
the movie. After 40 minutes the movie stops.

Maybe someone on the list can tell you how the movie ends, if you tell us
the title :-)

I also had the dvd on disk, it was Memento. But I am not so lucky with
all the other data on the disk.

dmesg and a fsck showed messages about the root inode being gone!
fsck.ext2 -p /dev/sdd1 did not work manual run is needed.
On the first 500GB disk I did an fsck.ext2 -y /dev/sdd1 did did not

Do you still have the logs from these fsck runs? Might be interesting what
the exact errors were...

The logs will be almost exactly the same as with the second disk (see
the gziped file)

fsck.ext3 -n /dev/sdd1 > fsck-crash-info.txt 2>&1

Hm, filebin.ca times out, any chance to put this fsck-crash-info.txt
somewhere else? (no need to zip, gzip will do fine...)


What should I do? What commands do you want me to run to provide more
info? How can i restore my root inode?

500GB, 750GB...and no backups? Ouch :-\

Indeed, I really hope we can solve it.

If I need to buy an additional 750G disk to make a backup dd image
please tell me, it will make a hole in my wallet but if it is necessary...


Thanks in advance,


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