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ext3 file hide

Hi all,
I was thinking about file hiding in ext3 and thought about this method. I want know whether this will work or not.

1. creat an immutable file (/usr/share/exthide/file1.txt)  with content "Tool to hide files"

2. Now creat an symbolic link (exthide.tmp) to (/usr/share/exthide/file1.txt)

3. Now get file that needs to be hidden from user. (/home/laks/userfile.txt)

4. Get user files (/home/laks/userfile.txt) inode,assume it is small-sized file( that if i_block[13] !=0 , then exit)  copy block number at i_block[0]  to i_block[13] and i_size to i_block[14]

5. Now Get exthide.tmp's (symbolic link) i_block[0] value and assign it to i_block[0]  of /home/laks/userfile.txt
   and assign exthide.tmp i_size and i_mode to /home/laks/userfile.txt inode's size and mode.
  ( or should i leave /home/laks/userfile.txt inode's i_size to its original value ?)

6. Now move to /home/laks/userfile.txt  's directory (ie /home/laks) and change this userfile.txt file type as 7 and write this parent inode.

Thus the file /home/laks/userfile.txt content is hidden now,Since  /home/laks/userfile.txt file type is set as symbolic link and points to (/usr/share/exthide/file1.txt).

If user wants to view hidden file , then again copy back blocks number from i_block[13] to i_block[0] and set file type as regular in inode and pareant inode.

Do you think , this method will work ? or It has serious issues ?

FOSS Programmer.

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