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Re: Resizing a file system that has been converted to ext4

I'm pretty sure that I have filesystems with mixed extent- and block-mapped files that I've resized in the past. 

That said, depending on your data's importance, and your tolerance for risk you should probably have a backup of your data anyway. At that point, starting with a fresh ext4 filesystem and restoring from backup is also attractive for the performance improvements of extents, as well as other format-time only features. 

My filesystems have a high turnover rate (PVR) and are not impossible to replace, so I have been resizing in place and letting normal turnover of files migrate to extents. I still don't have some if the newer filesystem features. 

Cheers, Andreas

On 2011-04-07, at 5:08 PM, Sean McCauliff <Sean D McCauliff nasa gov> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have an ext3 file system of about 8TiB in size.  At the rate data is added to the file system it will fill up in a few months so I'm weighing my options.  One option would be to create a new ext4 file system and copy everything over to a new, larger ext4 file system.  Another option would be to modify the software that uses this file system so it can use multiple file systems.  Finally, I could could convert the existing file system to ext4 and then resize it.  Is this advisable?  Has anyone tried this?
> Thanks,
> Sean McCauliff
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