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Re: damaged encrypted LUKS device

Hello Markus.

* Markus Feldmann <feldmann_markus gmx de> hat geschrieben:
>* Am 26.11.2011 17:40, schrieb Matija Nalis:
>> try "e2fsck -C0 /dev/dm-0" (assuming /dev/dm-0 is your block device
>> after decryption).
> How can i be sure, that my cryptsetup/LUKS harddisk is still decrypted?
> <cryptsetup status /dev/dm-1> gives me:
>> root feld-bert:/home/markus# cryptsetup status /dev/dm-1
>> /dev/mapper//dev/dm-1 is active.

That line tells you ;)

So, try a e2fsck -n -C0 /dev/dm-1 (the -n causes no changes to be made
to the file system - errors will be reported only). If it's not too much,
but you're unsure what to do, maybe you want to post them here (use

	LANG=C e2fsck -n /dev/dm-1 > some-file.txt

for that and post the contents of some-file.txt). If it's too much maybe
you want to pastebin them and post the link here. In both cases, remember
to strip path names and similar data unless you don't care to publish them.
(However - why are you encrypting them then in the first place?)

Additionally, I suggest following Markus Peuhkuri's tip to first create a
block by block copy before doing anything else. I suggest copying the
encrypted version (i.e. /dev/sdb) not the decrypted one (i.e. /dev/dm-1).

Regards, Bodo

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