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Re: [fab] Split Fedora-Announce-List

On Mon, 17 Apr 2006, Warren Togami wrote:

> Fedora-announce-list is broken and difficult to read.  We currently post 
> the important announcements on that list, but those are drown out by the 
> very numerous package update announcements that happen on the same list.
> In order to fix this situation, I propose that we split 
> fedora-announce-list in this way.
> fedora-announce-list
> 	Announcements of the general Fedora Project go here.  Relatively low 
> traffic and no extraneous noise.
> fedora-updates-3
> fedora-updates-4
> fedora-updates-5
> 	Distribution specific mailing lists for all package update 
> announcements.  If you use FC4, you subscribe to that list and receive 
> notifications from Core, Extras and eventually Legacy specific to that 
> distribution.  When Core + Extras + Legacy eventually merge into a 
> single project, announcements continue going to the distro specific lists.
> Thoughts?

The way that worked well for RHL was separating things into a
redhat-announce-list that received just regular announcements, and
redhat-watch-list that received security notices.

I think per-distro update lists is going overboard. A fedora-updates-list
or fedora-watch-list should be fine.

-- Elliot

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