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Re: [fab] fedora in brazil

On Thu, 2006-04-20 at 11:37 -0400, Christopher Blizzard wrote:
> I just met a couple of ambassadors down here who are manning a small 
> fedora booth.  I think they were both named Rodruigez?  I'm _terrible_ 
> with names.



Possibly Rodrigo Menezes and Rodrigo Padula.

> I guess they are going to be doing events in a number of cities around 
> the country to do talks/shows.  The pointed out a few things that they 
> are doing:
> o I walked away with an installation CD.  One CD.  It's based on Fedora, 
> so they are doing that work.

Any chance they might be willing to push this work back into Fedora?

> o They are actively working on a LiveCD project.  They really want to 
> have one and said they would have an alpha some time in the next month 
> or so.

It is based on Kadischi?

> o They are setting up a huge mount of local infrastructure to do CD 
> distribution inside of the country.  They have a form set up so you can 
> request a CD and the person that's closest to you puts it in the mail. 
> The local mail here is apparently slow at times.
> http://www.projetofedora.org/
> There's a lot of that here.
> o They seem to know Greg and Alex well.  Nice job, guys!

> o They have no idea what's going on with the board or how Fedora relates 
> to Red Hat.  For example, there's rumor going around that we're dropping 
> KDE completely.  Which is of course not true.  I explained some of that 
> "wanting to get KDE maintained by the KDE community" but I don't think I 
> was telling the right people.  Not sure if they understood all of that; 
> the language barrier was large.

This is pretty much the same wherever I go. 

> In any case, I didn't even know that they had a little stand set up 
> here.  It's nice to see the Fedora symbol up and around.  But they 
> clearly need more support if we can get them.

We already are sponsoring events and providing other help in many places
as part of the Ambassadors project.


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