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Re: [fab] project hosting?

Rex Dieter (rdieter math unl edu) said: 
> > Savannah project musts:
> > * Use a license compatible with the GNU GPL;
> Any current/potential problems with this?

There may still be some OSL stuff lying around.

> > * Refer to the GNU/Linux operating system instead of the Linux,
> >   which is the kernel. Advertise the free software movements,
> >   which we support, and not the open source one, which we don't.
> The blurb about GNU/Linux I found said:
> *... please acknowledge our work, by referring to this system as
> 'GNU/Linux', when you mention it in connection with this package
> (savannah)."
> I have no problem with that (and besides, they asked politely).

The Fedora Project, as a whole, doesn't mention GNU/Linux, so
requiring that individual sources we host do so seems counterintuitive.

> > * Do not use "Open" in your project name.
> Not a problem.

There's nothing named that yet that we're hosting, but I'd rather
not enforce that on new projects.


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