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Re: [fab] Fedora as Free Software?

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Michael Tiemann (tiemann redhat com) said:
I'm wondering what you guys think about changing the tilt of Fedora from
open source to free software.  Namely, saying that the license should
meet the free software definition (
 http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html ) and then mentioning that
OSI-certified licenses (with the exception of the Reciprocal Public
License, which we're going to reevaluate) are a good list, as well as
the free software licenses that are listed on the FSF website.

The goal is to make Fedora a distribution that the FSF can positively
endorse.  I think we're really close.  Any reason to not try to go all
the way?

a) do we know of anything that doesn't fit this?
b) will they require us to change everything to say GNU/Linux? :)

This is actually one of my concerns as well - that by doing this we're putting a stake in the ground and that we're setting ourselves up to fall in the eyes of FSF followers. I'm sure that at some point in the future we'll do something that bothers them and then we'll be the bad guys.

So yeah, as long as this is done on _our_ terms and we're endorsing ourselves it's fine.


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