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Re: [fab] fedora slashdot interview

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wednesday 02 August 2006 14:59, Rahul wrote:
There is a question of better integration in existing products that goes
beyond Red Hat's upstream project involvement though. Random examples of
this are Network Manager being shipped enabled by default in various
other distributions while Fedora does not. Dogtail just got into Fedora
development tree yesterday. Sabayon is in Fedora Extras still.

It really should not matter if these packages are on Core or Extras. They are available at install time and that is what matters.

It should not but it clearly does now. What we do later to nullify the differences doesnt change the current status of these repositories. Red Hat spend all the effort in creating a tool which has very low amount of visibility due to decision to provide it in Fedora Extras which is what I was pointing out.


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