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Re: [fab] New project formation is out of control

Paul W. Frields wrote:

No one has said much about Patrick's wiki page:

I agreed to drive this project definition problem... My personal
viewpoint is that, like logo usage, we want to be generous but
protective about the Fedora name.  I prefer that the "Ideas" listed in
this page be promoted to "SIGs" since not only do we have a couple, but
"Ideas" sounds a little dismissive.  "SIG" gives the contributors an
immediate feeling of group ownership.  Once a SIG has more plans they
can be owned by an official subproject until they are ready to move on,
if that's necessary.  Input please?

(As I said somewhere else... (: ...) I agree with these sentiments to keep things simple and stick with only SIG/Project labels. Otherwise, IMO, the only item in need of clarifying is who exactly does "Project" announcements (ie, the Board or the parent Project).

-- Rex

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