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Re: [fab] dropping helix player from fc6

On Wednesday 09 August 2006 08:50, Rahul wrote:
> What's the rush? We could have easily dropped this package after the
> test 2 release and done it in a more smoother fashion. Our priority
> should be making sure we arent breaking packages in *both* core and
> extras when we move packages from one repository to another. It would
> have been pretty easily to make the decision, announce it in
> fedora-maintainers list and wait for a time period before dropping such
> packages. Again a similar process for packages that are being moved over
> into Fedora Core from extras. We have been consistently poor about doing
>   this.

Feature freeze, and the need to break inheritance from FC5.  Helix was still 
being pulled in from FC5 and we needed to break that before Test2, so we 
needed to drop it from core so that it could be picked up in Extras.  Extras 
doesn't have a freeze like Core does and if somebody was that interested, 
they could have gotten it in and out before Test2 released.

We've been making noise about removing Helix since before FC5, this isn't a 

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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