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Re: [fab] Re: "community maintainers working on core" dilemma

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wednesday 09 August 2006 15:17, Christopher Blizzard wrote:
But if we had a system that made it possible for anyone to generate a
build on any architecture, wouldn't it make it easier to enable those
extra arches without actually holding our entire tree hostage?  Plus, we
can actually parallelize the effort to fix architecture bustage.

The better question is can we break the direct pipeline from Fedora builds to RHEL. If we could (and we did for FC5 updates), then we just don't send our builds to those arches. This is one of the things to solve if we move Core out to the outside world. We're not going to put s390s out in the Fedora infrastructure...

Yeah, that's an interesting question. And one that's key to rebuilding Fedora into a true community project. RHEL as a Fedora byproduct, not RHEL is Fedora. Not an entirely apt metaphor, but I think you know what I mean.


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