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Re: [fab] Re: "community maintainers working on core" dilemma

Warren Togami wrote:
The Core+Extras merge combined with the move to a distributed VCS would allow something like this.
4) Entire SIG's could own packages group.

I think this is an extremely important point.

Not only is it easier for new contributors to jump right into a smaller special interest group and start getting things done, but having more eyes on each problem is a Good Thing. The benefits of having groups of contributors maintaining packages is really shown in projects like Gentoo (/me puts on his flame suit), where their "herds" collectively maintain groups of packages. Ideally, this also helps reduce some of the weight that is put on the handful of devs who do the majority of sponsoring and mentoring of new developers, allowing each group to grow independent of one another.

I think we need something beyond just a web front end to a bunch of pre-existing tools which have been around before community development models. We need the ability to allow a large community of developers to easily poke and prod at packages, while still retaining some level of QA sanity. I would like to see a web based development framework where developers can view detailed information regarding each update for every package. Pushing out an update would maybe require the approval of n core/SIG developers, who can comment on any patch or line of code. Testing the package could be as simple as selecting the patches you want, and clicking a button to get a customized SRPM. Once approved, a button can kick the package off to the build system (and do all of the pushing/announcements/etc). With this, we would get the metrics (package and developer), the collaboration, metadata, and the QA.


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