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Re: [fab] [Fwd: What is the mkisofs license?]

Tom 'spot' Callaway wrote:

Eww. I vote we get all the schilling code OUT of Fedora as soon as
possible. With friends like him, we don't need enemies. He's merging GPL
and CDDL code, and that's just not permitted.

I say that we (Red Hat/Fedora) throw all our weight around:

Fix it up to basic functionality levels and ship it. Nuke the Schilling
trash from orbit.

Agreed on this. We might consider talking to Debian and other distributions first though.

Then again, I've yet to see or hear any result from my previous license
analysis, so I can only assume that Fedora doesn't care to clean up its
existing egregious violations.

I do appreciate the work done and I was assuming that you were following up and working on dropping the violating packages.


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