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Re: [fab] [Fwd: What is the mkisofs license?]

Rex Dieter wrote:

Offhand, I'd say -1, status-quo is sufficient. My mind isn't set in stone though... I'm just not yet convinced that there would be sufficient tangible benefit to outweigh the (possible) loss of non-FSF-compliant bits.

That is a question that we need to look at and finding out exactly which bits we would lose by running down this path which is why I am suggesting that we run this analysis on the Fedora Extras packages too.

Status quo as a open source distribution is not a unique differentiator anymore. Everybody has a Fedora-esque distribution these days - OpenSUSE, OpenSolaris, Freespire...

Then there is stuff like Debian non-free which is not "officially" Debian, Ubuntu we are Free software except while including non-free drivers and so on.

Fedora's commitment to Free software is a strong point and we might consider pushing this just a bit more and leap ahead of the pack.


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